We encourage you to buy items that can be worn over and over again as investment pieces. This however requires knowing how to take care of your carefully curated items.

  • Avoid washing it in hot water. Pick the program for a gentle wash with lukewarm or even cold water. Make sure the water level is at the maximum since the linen clothes should be allowed to move freely in the machine.
  • Do not crowd the machine with too many items at once. Wash your lightweight cotton or linen items like shirts, camisoles, and dresses.
  • You can also wash linen clothes by hand. [ highly recomended ] In that case, use gentle motions. Never scrub or twist the fabric.
  • Wash your linen with similar colors. If the colors of your linen items are dark, then always wash them in cold water to prevent fading.
Linen dries super fast. That is why it is great for summer travel. The heat from the outside will dry your wet dress or skirt in no time, so you will quickly be ready for the next adventure.
  • You can air-dry your linen clothes. If you prefer to go that way, make sure to lay garments flat on a towel. Avoid hangers – they will leave marks on your linen garments.

Tips for Preventing Wrinkles and Ironing Linen

Linen is versatile – you can, or you don’t have to iron it. It is up to you to decide, depending on the occasion.

  • You will have the best results if you put your garments out from the wash when they are still a bit damp. Otherwise, use a spray bottle with water to dampen it.
  • Use low to medium heat settings for linen and cotton on your iron. Don’t press it too much – just make the wrinkles disappear.
  • Colored linen (both dark and bright) should be ironed reverse side out. That is how you will prevent the material from getting patches and color from fading.
  • To keep your garments wrinkle-free, use a spray bottle, and allow your dress or skirt to air-dry. It would be best if you lay it flat or smooth it with your hand.

Tips for Softening Linen

Time and wear will soften the linen. However, there are also quicker ways to soften your linen .

  • Iron the linen when it is still damp. This process will help your linen to become softer.
  • Make your softener for the linen. Fabric softeners often leave residues and contain chemicals that might be harmful. Mix ½ cup of baking soda or add 1 cup of vinegar to the wash.

Enjoy your Linen . Naturaly elegant .