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Most of us are familiar with that shirt or dress that brings out our individuality, making us feel most like ourselves, most at ease. With such a piece, we are able to go confidently through the day while focusing on the more important things in life: performing well at work, connecting with friends, or enjoying a night out.

My goal when designing SAUL is to fill your closet with such pieces: simple, elegant, and versatile. We'll be sure to let our customers know where our fabrics are from once a satisfactory source is found.  Until then, we will continue to use our local fabric store, selecting the highest quality fabrics available.  

I want to create simple aesthetic design and meant to encourage you to incorporate your personal style and creativity when wearing them effortlessly day or night. They are also perfect to pair with any of our Limited Edition pieces or are just as beautiful on their own.

So, we work on our samples now..

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