" Asked for; inquired of God." 

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia and launched in 2012 by Debora Mettu. Debora Mettu has graduated in Architecture and continuing her study for pattern and fashion design course in École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode [ Esmod ] Jakarta. 

Her inspiration for design comes from a passion for architectural shapes and structures, which is apparent throughout her work.

Debora’s double role as a architect for multi national companies also gave the extra edge of what people working in the same area would want to wear, with the feminine silhouette. Simple, Clean, Aesthetic quality fabrics, and details as the style of modern women.




SAUL is about representing you. Edgy and Modern women. Women with a professional job, a fashion lover, and has character and identity for her self.

Our collection is a curation of timeless pieces with structural silhouettes and stunning details.

A woman who travels and always discovers. You have an affinity for fine details. You are a woman of success who stands out in crowds. You are driven by a passion to defend what you believe in and what you stand for.

Posterity’s muse and inspiration, SAUL creates for you and wants to walk with you on your journey. We are passionate about designing the best clothes that speak to the woman you are.



Lifestyle is our business and our passion. Our goal is to build emotional bond with our lovely customer. To do this, we build a lifestyle environment that appeal emotionally and offer a correct fashion on a timely basis.

Our customer are the reason and inspiration for everything we do.